First Post! Eat Well in Portland with Banana Nick!

mmm look at all that fruit.

mmm look at all that fruit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How exciting. First post on the blog. I am stoked about this project and hope that it materializes into a resource that everyone in Portland can use (at least those not eating at Jack in the Box for every meal). I look forward to exploring new places around the city that cater to eating well. Eating well to me means fresh, local produce, and non-processed food that leaves us feeling good inside, more energy levels and clear mind.

You can learn more about me here, and about the purpose of the blog here. Spring time has begun, so check out the Farmers Markets Map for hours and locations of your favorite market, or explore a new one. There is no better time than now to start eating well, and eating fresh produce all year round has, in the history of humanity, been this easy.

This site will have 5 “categories” in which posts will be tagged:
1. News–openings and closings of restaurants, farm stands, etc.
2. Reviews–checking out places and products.
3. Interviews–Some Q&A with people on the scene.
4. Commentary–miscellaneous coments and random posts
5. Personal–my life on fruits and veggies, stuff going on with me.

I intend to post as much as I can, having a wife and kid puts a burden on that intention, but I will try not to get divorced trying to get this blog going. I do get obsessive sometimes, so we shall see. Also, please bear with me as I get used to WordPress, it seems to be far superior to Blogger, which I have used in the past, but there is much to learn, young padawan.


BTW…As a child of the 80′s (I am 36), this is where I learned to get my Vitamin C.

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