Portland Fruit Company (80th and Foster)

Portland Fruit company (no website, link to Yelp reviews)
8040 SE Foster Road
(503) 777-0072 ‎

Being on a budget, yet wanting to buy local produce and support local farms is quite the conundrum. Farmers Markets are expensive, and who knows where that fruit from Safeway is from, plus, doesnt fruit in the big box stores seem unnaturally shiny and pretty? Well, Portland Fruit company on 80th and Foster has come to your rescue.

Located on an odd traffic triangle between Foster and Harold Roads in deep SE near 82nd, this place will serve all of your local produce needs, for very good prices. Gone are the pretentiousness, fancy lights, and miscellaneous distractions that most stores try and pull on you. This place is simple, effective, and mellow. The fruit is not pretty and shiny, many times it is straight from the fields. It feels really good not worrying about the price (like at a Farmers Market) or the quality (like at big box stores), and leaving with multiple bulging bags of fresh produce. You get a lot for your money here.

PFC is THE place to get apples and pears. It’s a fun place to shop, filling multiple large bags up with cheap local pears (3 different types, 39 cents/pound) or a large variety of apples (at least 6 kinds, including my favorite Aurora, all for 99cents or less per pound, most are 69 cents/pound), pineapples, oranges, mango, cantaloupe, melons, etc. They have local squash, potatoes, beets, mushrooms and all varieties of other vegetables, whatever is in season. Our kid loves the honey sticks (thats how we get her to shop with us, bribery! works every time haha) and the dates. I must say a word about the soft, succulent, sweetness of the dates. There, said it. They are located right next to the cash register if you are interested. So good. For you juicers out there, they sell carrots in 25lb bags. I have seen pickling cukes in a large sack too, might have to take advantage of that in the summer. The veggies all seem well tended to and fresh every time we go here, and based on the friendliness of the employees, it is evident they put as much care into the produce as the customers.

There is a small organic section (but that doesn’t mean that the local stuff is in-organic, not like at Safeway or Fred Meyers) and a Dave’s Killer Bread section along with spices, Hanna’s Honey products, Bob’s Red Mill products, pastas and they make their own local produce jams. They also have a small freezer of frozen blueberries, strawberries and blackberries…great for some smoothie action. Around $6 for a 5-pound bag of those.

The only gripe I have is the over use of plastic bags here, it seems like they could use paper or sell cheap mesh bags at the checkout. There is also a $5 minimum on credit/debit cards here, so buy a few more apples!

It is conveniently located across the street from Fred Meyers (no reason to buy your fruit or veggies there!) for all your other grocery needs, and fulfills my “killing two birds with one stone” practical-ness when I can go to both. I see people in the produce section at Fred’s and feel like screaming at them to go across the street for that stuff (but I don’t. There is lots of screaming in my head, but none at all outside haha).

Go check out Portland Fruit company if you are in SE, you won’t be disappointed!

This is what $36.24 of groceries looks like (counting the $3 bag of mustard mix I bought too):

The rest of the pics:

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5 thoughts on “Portland Fruit Company (80th and Foster)

  1. The description reminds me of Spicer Brothers in Oregon CIty; also an inexpensive, friendly place to get your fruits and veggies.

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