THE FRESH NEWS: Portland Fruit and Veggie World, Week of April 15

GREENLEAF JUICING ADDS BRICK AND MORTAR: Neighborhood Notes reports that Greenleaf Juicing Company is opening a store front to replace their juice cart that was on 23rd and Glisan. The new storefront will be across from the 24 Hour fitness located in the Pearl, so that is an ideal location. NW 12th and Johnson to be more precise. The juice cart is still in business…pretty cool to see a place like this make money. Look for a review of the place as soon as I get down there. Along with the juice, they use the pulp for making soups. Mmm.

NEW FARMERS MARKET: According to Eater PDX, A new summer seasonal farmers market is starting up in North Portland in the Kenton neighborhood on friday afternoons starting June 1. Featuring 35 vendors on a closed off street (N McClellen st near Posies cafe). Open fridays 3-7pm, June 1 – September 28.  See it on the Map.

STARBUCKS IS OPENING A JUICE CAFE: Wow, I wonder how long until Portland gets one of these. Not sure what to think about it. I guess jucing is the thing right now (yes it is). Eater PDX reports that Starbucks has announced it’s new juice bar concept, Evolution Fresh, to be opened up in Bellevue, WA. They call the employees “juice partners” and there is a salad bar. Anyone check this out yet? Very interesting. The menu looks good, but $8 for a 16oz juice? damn! With Starbucks backing, I bet we start seeing these all over. Hopefully they replace Jamba Juice.

JUICE AT THE ROSE GARDEN ARENA: Nice, this is cool news. Kure juice bar has a small presence in the Rose Garden arena! So next time you are at the Monster Truck show, or Disney on Ice, go down to the main concourse on level one. Hope they stick around. Last week I was at a Blazers game and had cotton candy, a coke, and a big ass pretzel. Felt like crap. Juice would have been better. I wonder if they mark up the price like everyone else. Why is it $3.75 for a small coke and $4 for a small bottle of water? I hate that place!

QUICK COOKING BROWN RICE: KATU Portland did a segment on quick cooking brown rice. They tested 8 different rices, and the Trader Joes 3 minute (microwave) brown rice came out on top. Will have to check that out, sometimes we use the Annie Chung microwave 1 minute rices in a pinch, but its nice to have other options.

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