JUICY NEWS: Portland Fruit and Veggie World, Week of April 22

HIGH END BUILD-YOUR-OWN-SALAD PLACE COMING: The Oregonian reports that a high end salad bar called Waldorf & Cobb will be part of the re-build of popular downtown eatery Carafe Bistro. I bet it won’t  be as high end as Sweet Tomatoes is. That’s impossible!

HAPPY MEAL SEEDS: PDX Eater  reports that Burgerville is passing out seed packets in their Kids Meals until the end of May. The “Springtime Seeds Program” will teach kids about eating local, where food comes from, and sustainability. I envision landfills full of discarded seed packets, sprouting from the garbage. Nick, that is super negative, damn!

PORTLAND’S BEST RESTAURANTS: PDX Eater updated their site with a great interactive map showing the top 38 places to eat in Portland. A great resource when foraging the city, for old timers and visitors alike.

ROLL THE LINKS (some great reading here)!:
Inside the life of a Truffle Hunter…in Italy you need a license and a truffle hungry dog to succeed in the truffle business.
How is a “Spiritual” person supposed to act?…a great read about being mindful in a mindless world.
Can broccoli protect you against breast cancer?…yes, of course it can.
Have a stroke, eat better, and you will be off the meds…awesome interview, shows that none of us have to “get old” if we eat right.
Bacon is trendy…there are festivals popping up all over the US, dedicated to bacon. Weird. Bacon wrapped carrots? hahaha
Where You Live Could Make Your Kids Fat…you live in the ‘burbs? You probably drive alot. Your kids are more likely to be fat. It’s science!

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