Movie Review: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (Highly Recommended)

“The best way to change the world, is change yourself.” — Joe Cross

If you ever want to be inspired to lose weight fast, get your life together, and greatly increase your energy levels, than this is the movie for you. Aussie businessman Joe Cross lives part time in Sydney and New York. He is tired all the time, overweight and is on tons of meds. Joe decides to lose weight by juice fasting for 60 days. Nothing but juice. 60 days.

This documentary follows him around NYC and across America as he promotes juicing by doing it to himself as he travels. His openness and charisma towards strangers is fun to watch, he encounters loads (some Aussie slang for ya) of people willing to open up to him. I think they feel less threatened by him because of his accent and friendliness, he is a curiosity to people(“G’day, I’m Joe! Want some juice?”). Of course, dieting and juicing are foreign to most of his interviewees, but he passes out samples of his juice to the people he talks to.  This sort of dieting is “radical”, “freaky”, and “extreme” to most people, and its enjoyable to watch reactions as he travels around. He goes to mom and pop cafes, dive bars, and truck stops all over the country. Within weeks, Joe has lost his belly fat, feels more energetic, and is off his meds.

The movie really takes a turn when he meets Phil the truck driver at a random truck stop in the Mid West. This dude is probably 400 pounds and coincidentally has the same medical condition (I forget what it was now) that Joe has. So they instantly feel connected with the shared disease, and surprisingly after their brief encounter, Phil decides to do the juice fast. It is awe-inspiring to see how this guy gets transformed by juicing, through the pain at the beginning through the gateway to food freedom. So fun to watch the person behind all that fat emerge, like the Phoenix!! It is life-changing.

I was always curious about juicing, but had never seen any media on how to go about it. I always dismissed it as a fad, or not practical, but Joe is an inspiring figure. With the proper equipment (this Breville juicer is the one Joe uses, and the movie does feel slightly like a huge advertisement, but please dont let that turn you off from watching it), and a sh*t ton of veggies and fruit, your meals can be nothing but juice. And it works. BIG TIME. 

Later posts will analyze the costs of juicing (we have completed two 5-day juice fasts now. It’s not easy! More on that in a later post, too),  and also I would like to review the Breville juicer (we bought one after seeing this film). 

Check it out!! It’s streaming on Netflix. Here’s the website. Watch the trailer here:

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