SAUCY NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of April 30

Kinda slow on the news front this week….although starting May 1, many Farmers Markets are beginning to open. Exciting.

MORE AMAZING ICE CREAM: If you are going to eat ice cream, you could do much much worse than eating at Salt and Straw. Fresh and local. Thier store on Alberta is a family favorite, some really crazy flavors there. Sea Salt and Carmel, Sourdough, olive oil, pear and bleu cheese, they had a Guiness flavor at one point, and even bone marrow flavor a couple months back. It changes all the time, and they make fresh waffle cones, too. SO DAMN GOOD! Anyways… they just opened up a shop on NW 23rd, as reported by EaterPDX.  In the space where Mio Gelato used to be. The lines will be out the door, as in the other location. Makes me think….is fresh, local homemade ice cream the new gelato? Seems like it.

PORTLAND SCHOOL ON HBO SALAD BAR SHOW: The Portland Mercury reports that James John Elementary in North Portland, off Lombard, will be one of 12 schools in America chosen by the new HBO Show Weight of the Nation to take part in a salad bar lunch. From what I gather, HBO will pay for the salad bar and keep it running for awhile, filming the kids as they get used to (or not) eating healthy. Sounds interesting, I bet all the kids will think this is a curse on their school, but by the end, the attitudes will have changed. Sorry to ruin it for you. ;) I wonder how the teachers will handle the excess energy and increased brainpower that these kids will show after eating so well! Looks like a cool show. Premieres on HBO May 14 at 8pm.

Vegan does not always mean healthy…although they sell it that way alot.
If this video doesn’t make you appreciate Portland, you are dead…Portland porn.
Being fat is a solution to our mental problems…conquer the mind and you will conquer the weight.
9 Funky Fruits You Have to Try…of course Durian is on the list!
It is possible to eat health while travelling…here are some tips.
How do yields of organics compare versus non-organic?….depends on the crop!

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