The wild and wacky world of Fubonn Asian Supermarket

Fubonn Supermarket
2850 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
Open everyday 9am-8pm

Fubonn must be the largest Asian supermarket in Portland. It is the Walmart of Asian supermarkets.  To get a grasp of the size, the building that houses Fubonn market used to be a campus of Portland Community College. The place is a smorgasborg of meat, canned good items, cheesy souvenirs, rice cookers, seafood…it’s quite a trip. Shopping here is very similar to some of the larger stores we have been to in Asia. No need to travel further than 82nd and Division though, young wanderer! Although decent size, the fresh fruit and veggie area lacks quality. There are some unusual fruit items, pummelos and durian among them, but maybe its the flourescent lighting and overuse of plastic wrapping–there does not seem to be an emphasis on quality. But what it lacks in quality, there is quantity. Not only fruits and vegetables, but many unusual items…so lets take a photo tour of some of the stuff you can find here….. (images may not show up on some RSS readers)

BN Out!

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