SMOOTH NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of May 6

Hi again! Here’s some stuff I would like to share this week……… 

VEGAN BBQ EXPANSION: Downtown food cart, Homegrown Smoker, the all-vegan BBQ cart (anyone tried this?) is opening another cart at the new cart pod on 20th and Everett, as reported by EaterPDX. I am very curious about this cart, will try and get there soon to review it. They open up this weekend, noon-8pm.

BACK TO EDEN COUPON: MercPerks (The Portland Mercury’s Groupon style coupon site) has a deal for Back to Eden, vegan bakery (just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy, Nick! haha I need to remember that) on 22nd and Alberta. For $5 you get $10 worth of vegan, organic baked goods. There is a bunch of other interesting local deals on the MercPerks site, check it out.

HEY THAT WAS MY IDEA: The Oregonians Mix Magazine compiled all the Farmers Markets into maps, with listings for all the info you need to start visiting the markets. Nice and handy. Like mine. :) Hopefully the weekend weather will continue to be good (its been nice only on the weekends, weird) so we can get out there in comfort.

HOW TO FEEL BETTER THAN YOU EVER HAVE: My friend Matt Struve has a blog about health and fitness, and he turned my on to changing my life back in 2010 with this email. Good stuff!
Ketchup used to be anchovy sauce!…I didn’t know this stuff about Ketchup before.
Keeping Seniors in shape…local outfit promotes health and exercise amongst the elderly, aptly called Silver and Fit.
Cheap bus rides to Seattle and back….Boltbus drives straight from downtown Portland to downtown Seattle for around $5 each way. And bikes are free!
Simplify and take control!…16 ways to minimize your life and get rid of your crap.

And I will leave you with some very cute Japanese kids singing about vegetables (I think. You never know in Japan).

BN Out!

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