Quick and Easy way to get your Kale on

Eating raw kale can be a bit rough, literally. You can feel it scraping your throat as it goes down, so sometimes its nice to enjoy kale in a different way. Even I can cook kale and make it taste good. Yes, even I!!! This is a simple way to quickly eat some kale…5 minutes on the stove, less than 10 minutes overall.

Sauteed Kale

Kale…1 bunch, leaves removed from stems
olive oil…1 tablespoon
water…1/2 cup or so….enough to keep the kale wet
salt…to taste
pepper…to taste

Doing it up:
1. heat up oil in pan, medium heat
2. add kale and water, stir around to coat kale
3. leave on stovetop for 5 minutes
4. remove from heat, add salt and pepper

I bet some garlic and pine nuts would be good with this, too!

Kale before:

Kale after:


BN Out!

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2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy way to get your Kale on

  1. Have you ever made delicious kale chips? Just break it up into chip size, add some oil & seasoning, lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake. Makes a light and crispy treat!

    • I attempted Kale chips awhile back, and although I liked them, I think I needed more seasoning, so I should try again. There are lots of pre-made kale chips at New Seasons and such, I wonder of they are any good.

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