Eating at the Whole Foods Salad Bar

The salad bar at Whole Foods is a great way to get your veggies for the day when you don’t feel like cooking at home. Of all the salad bars we have eaten at (I am looking at YOU Sweet Tomatoes!), none stack up to the might and brawn of Whole Foods. Fresh, colourful, eclectic, and fun, its the way to go for a “make your own salad” in Portland, in my opinion of course. At $7.99/lb, just make sure you don’t go too crazy, or the shock at checkout will surely faint you straight to the ground.

(The following is the stuff they have at Whole Foods in Hollywood district, like 45th and Sandy. This is going in a clockwise manner, starting with the greens at the top of the salad bar. Whatever, Nick, don’t get too detailed, just tell us what they have here and show us some pictures or something). Ok, ok, here we go. For greens they have spring mix, spinach, and a kale mix. Then they have all the normal stuff, celery, carrots, garbanzo beans, edemame beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, raisins, onions, cucumber, cauliflower. They have walnuts, almonds, and croutons. They have house made salads, like raw kale with tahini, beets, and pre-made salads. They have grains like quinoa and couscous. There are specialty items like caramelized onions, artichoke, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and sprouts. There is eggs, and cheese and chicken and shrimp for the extra ooomph. Salad dressings are numerous, they have at least 8, so you have a variety of low cal to choose from, in addition to the normal ones. I like the garlic tahini dressing.

If you are wanting something hot, the price for the non-salad bar area is the same, so you can add some stuff to top the salad if you are so inclined. Stuff like spanish rice, pulled pork, black beans, and potatoes. Soups are $3.99 for a small container, $4.49 for a medium, and $7.99 for large.

I love very large salads. Trust me when I say I eat alot. The most I have ever spent on a large salad at Whole Foods was around $15, so that is nearly 2 lbs of salad stuffs, a huge meal. You do have to be careful to not load on all the pre-made salads and such, and if you are mindful of that, a meal at Whole Foods can be an affordable way to eat guilt free. The dining area has water and plenty of hot sauces. Plus you can drink beer there too. Mmmm beer and salad! Good luck sorting out all your waste when you are done, there are at least 5 different bins at Whole Foods for trash disposal haha

Here are the pics I took May 4, 2012…..

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9 thoughts on “Eating at the Whole Foods Salad Bar

  1. Even in Albuquerque, Whole Foods has the best salad bar BY FAR. I can’t get the thought of their roasted sweet potatoes and quinoa and cranberries out of my head!

  2. I’ve never had a better $26 salad before. I always seem to load up of the stuff that weighs the most! Do you guys have SouprSalad up there?

    • $26!!! dude, you loaded it up! I bet it was good though. Same as in those frozen yoghurt places, the self service ones, its pretty easy to go crazy. We don’t have SouprSalad here…I googled it, looks good, kind of like Sweet Tomatoes, which is what we have up here. I should review that place for sure

    • yes, ST is much cheaper, but the quality is lacking compared to WF. Try it sometime and let me know what you think! Happy Mothers Day ma! I Love you!

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