How to make a huge, amazing salad in under 10 minutes

I don’t particularly enjoy making salads everyday. In fact, I quite dread cooking in general. I enjoy eating, but cooking, not so much. So to ease the pain of making 2 large salads everyday, I have found some shortcuts that can be used to make the efficiency engineer in me very happy. With practice, a high quality, highly nutritious salad can be produced in less than 10 minutes, with minimal chopping necessary.

A typical salad that we make consists of the following ingredients:
Salad greens
Bell Peppers
Garbanzo beans (or your bean of choice)

Salad Greens….using the pre-washed, containers of greens as sold at all stores, saves tons of time…no washing, no cutting, just throw it in your bowl.

Tomatoes…..cherry tomatoes are ideal. Bite sized, easy to wash, just grab a bunch (I usually use 6-8), run some water over them, shake dry, and throw on the greens.

Mushrooms….buying the pre-sliced mushroom are more expensive, but time is money here people! No chopping necessary.

Bell Peppers…needs to be chopped up, use 1/2 bell pepper per salad

Cucumbers…some quick chopping is needed for that too.

Broccoli…you can buy the florets in a very large bag at Costco , or other stores, in smaller bags. Definitly not as cheap as buying the stalk-and-all brocolli, but easier.

Garbonzo beans…drain a can of organic beans, pour 1/3 of the contents on the salad, and put the remainder in a container, insert into fridge.

Dressing…small amount of olive oil and vinegar, or one of the many low calorie options out there .

and…… VIOALA!

I know this is not a competition or anything, but I am pretty fast at making salads like this now. Lately we have been putting on capers, for a salty flavor kick. Here is one I made in 8 minutes or so….beautiful, yeah?

mmmmm BN Out!

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