LUCIOUS NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of May 21

The rains have begun again. Thank god, I dont have to water my plants for awhile :) Might be a good week to be lazy, so here we go with the laziness, hit these links….

FARM TOUR IN EUGENE AREA:  On June 9, People’s Food Co-Op is hosting a farm tour. Spend a day on farms around Eugene, tasting food, learning about how farms distribute, and meeting the farmers. Sounds like a real cool time. Busses leave from Portland at 8am, back by 5:30pm. Adults $29, Kids $15.

WILLAMETTE WEEKLY FOOD FEATURE: Willamette Week had a food issue out this week that highlighted some obscure spots around Portland to pick up produce, and to shop for all kinds of tihngs. I picked one up and was surprised at the variety of shops that I didn’t know about. TOO MANY OPTIONS HERE!!

Another market map…Farmers Markets are heating up!
Fat mice….mice that eat late at night or in the middle of the night are significantly fatter than mice that only eat 3 meals a day, at normal times. Interesting.
Lost bees….funny flyer found in Portland.
Eat to Live…some dramatic success stories from eating fruits and veggies, according to Dr Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live.
Sci-Fi futures are scary…a believable glimpse into our future as humans.
This dude SUCKS at Wheel of Fortune…he went to Reed, so that is Portland. I can put it on my blog, right?
How to do your first pullup…I can do 3 now! haha EAT IT, HIGH SCHOOL NICK.

BN Out!

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4 thoughts on “LUCIOUS NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of May 21

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