YUMMY NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of June 4

Slowed down last week on the blog. Came down with some sickness, feeling better now, but energy levels are LOW. More fruit and veggies, stat! :) Here is some news and links though….

PORTLAND DINING MONTH IS HERE: June is Portland Dining Month, where many of the best restaurants in town create 3 course menus for $25 per person. This is a very good deal at most of these places, which are usually priced too high to go to often. So check them out! Here is the list of restaurants participating, with links to reservations, all online. EASY.

BIG SODA BAN IN NYC: Interesting news from New York…the mayor is proposing a ban on all sweetened drinks over 16oz. This goes for convenience stores, deli’s restaurants, movie theaters, and sports arenas. Wow. I wonder of people will just order 2 now to get their fix. I bet this will make the Double Big Gulp a SYMBOL OF FREEDOM for many people. ha!

REMINDER: GLUTEN FREE BEER TASTING AT BELMONT STATION: This thursday, here is the info from the source…

¬†THURSDAY JUNE 7 ¬†5 – 7PM GLUTEN FREE BEER TASTING. Taste the wide range of Gluten Free Beers from Portland’s own Harvester & Omission, to imports like Green’s and Estrella. We’ll be pouring every gluten free beer available in Oregon (currently 16 and growing). A brewer from Harvester and some of the distributor/brand reps will be present. This is the first night of Portland Beer Week.

Humans are still evolving…of course we are…we have blue eyes!
Perpetual Ocean…Earth is art.
Skip the viagra…pick up the watermelon!
Michelle Obama on the Daily Show…talking about kids eating habits.
Your Dad ate Organic Before You Did!…here is the proof.
20 Things I Should Have Known at 20…it feels good to be older, but we made some mistakes.

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