8 Useless Vegetable Facts

You know when life is so busy that you dont have much time to write but you still want to put out blog posts to keep the peeps happy? Well, today is that day! Here are some useless facts about vegetables that I thought were interesting. Enjoy…

Kale – Until the Renaissance (when people AWOKE from their kale slumber) , kale was the most common green vegetable eaten by the people of northern Europe. I wonder if kale = crotchitiness.

Leek – The national vegetable of Wales.

Mushrooms – not technically a vegetable, but a far older member of the plant kingdom. Mushrooms do not use sunlight to produce energy, hence they have a completely different range of tastes than any other vegetable. Did you know that the largest single living organism on earth is a mushroom called Armillaria Ostoyae, the biggest of which is up to 8,500 years old and carpets nearly 10 square kilometres of forest floor in northeastern Oregon?

Eggplant -the purple maginifacnce is known as Aubergene everywhere else!

Tomatoes – the most popular vegetable or (fruit) in America.

Broccoli – California produces almost all of the broccoli consumed in the USA.

Potato - Germans eat twice as many potatoes as Americans. Ich liebe Kartoffeln!

Carrots – Wild rabbits do not eat them. You mean TV lied to me??

Sources: link / link / link

BN Out!

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