The Whole Bowl Restaurant Review

The Whole Bowl
4409 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97255

Price: Cheap..the largest bowl is $5.50
Kids: if they like beans and rice!

“It’s Like Eating A Hug”

Not so much a restaurant, more in the vein of a food cart or quick and easy lunch spot, the Whole Bowl specializes in one thing…The Whole Bowl. There are no options on the menu, you get this one thing only. But this one thing is delicious, it is fresh, and it is healthy. On a delicate bed of perfectly cooked brown rice, there lies a family of black and red beans. Like the soil of a well toiled garden, the foundations of the bowl are ripe for flavor. Salsa, cheddar cheese, olives, avocado, cilantro and their “special” sauce are perfect partners for the bed of good ness that lie below. With a quick stir of the pot, these ingredients blend to create a monolithic taste explosion. Their “secret” sauce is like tahini and garlic, with lemon. It si really good on here. Kinda tastes like a goddess style dressing.

The space is a very small, and narrow, situated right on Hawthorne street. There are around 6 tables. Our kid liked the fish tank. Otherwise, a very spartan place, not conducive to hanging out. Just eat and go.

Similar to the bowls you get at Laughing Planet, The Whole Bowl is a simple, filling, easy way to get some good grub in that meat body of yours. They sell it in normal size ($5.50) and Bambino size ($5.00). Check it out!

For calorie counters, here is some nutritional information. 475 calories! damn, I thought it was less.

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