RADICAL NEWS: PDX Fruit and Veg news and links, week of June 11

It is tantilizingly close to summer now, berries are hitting hard soon, I love this time of year! Grillin’ is occurin’ nightly.

SCHOOLYARD FARMS: The Portland Mercury interviews the people behind a new project at Candy lane Elementary School in Oregon City, where a farm adjacent to the school is being used to educate kids on where food is coming from. Would be cool to see these pop up in more and more schools. Dig up a parking lot, build a farm, and teach the kids. Thats a good idea. More info here.

MORE KIDS NEWS: KATU reports that 24% of Portland kids do not have access to enough food to stay healthy and active. This is defined as families that need to decide to pay their rent, or make their car payment, instead of making sure their kids are fed right. Sad, but another sign that the system is not working, that people are confused, and also that eating cheap is usually not eating healthy.

What makes beer gluten-free?…a new law may define Gluten Free for beers, leaving some brewers out of the game.
Travelling and staying a vegetarian…eating veggie on the road is possible!
5 ways to protect yourself from Alzheimers…I forget what this article was about.
What is Real American Food?…Everything!
Art Made From Nails…AMAZING!

Strawberry Fields Forever…..

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