About Banana Nick

My name is Nick Wusz and this is my first attempt at a “serious” blog. Since January of 2010, my wife and I have been on a “nutritarian” diet, thanks to Dr Fuhrman and his book Eat to Live. His methods of using salad as the main meal transformed our way of thinking about how we eat and inspired us to follow a new path, and to think about food differently. I always thought I was eating healthy before I found this book, but we were (are) consumed with a crazy huge amount of false information. Now I know more, and I feel completely in control, which is a great feeling! Over 2 years into this diet and we have lost a ton of weight, feel fantastic, and we are maintaining with ease. Along this journey, we have become passionate about what we put in our bodies, and have become very familiar with where to eat, where to shop, and how to pull off this diet without breaking the bank. I am hoping this blog will help share some of this passion, and create a stimulating and interesting discussion on finding affordable and fresh food all over this city. Shoot me an email sometime, or just follow along!

BN out!

One thought on “About Banana Nick

  1. Hi Nick – I don’t see any recent posts – has your blog moved? I live in Portland and have been eating the Eat To Live way for just over a year now, and I’d like to read more about how the diet is working for you. Thanks – Lynn

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